Wednesday, April 15, 2009

coopers sixth birthday...

Cooper turned 6 and we can't believe it!
The things I want to remember about Cooper being 6 are:
: i can't keep him entertained - he wants to be with friends constantly
: that he LOVES star wars clone wars
: his favorite food is ribs (from chili's)
: he thinks he is a really good dancer
: in fact, he thinks he is really good at everything
: and he is!
: he is not wimpy or whiney
: he really is a nice boy - his kindergarten teacher tells me everyone wants to be his friend
: ladies in his life are: brooke (his mohey tawa g.f. of 4 years) & haislee (the girl next door)
: he does well in school. loves math but HATES power hour
: porter worships him. he teases porter.

Coop had a really fun birthday party at the Washington Swimming Pool. He has really cute friends - we are lucky to be in such a great area!

Presents & Pizza...

He got a trampoline that Porter likes more than he does...