Sunday, August 23, 2009

off my chest...

I feel flustered. A little deflated. But SO excited!
Registration at the dance studio begins tomorrow. I am not flustered that I'm busy, or that the studio won't be ready, or that I don't think anyone will come to register.
I'm frustrated over things I can't control.
Since Jaren & I decided that this was an endeavor worth taking on, I have TRULY tried to be professional. It may seem that my coaching position at both the high school and college my be a conflict with a private studio, but I have taken EVERY precaution to make sure it doesn't. I was very open and honest with my dancers and their parents about my intentions. I don't talk about or promote the studio at either team's practice. I haven't encouraged my dancers to come to my studio, or discouraged them from taking anywhere else. I also sent a letter (which I did NOT need to do) to the other studio directors in town, letting them know of my intentions, that I was not trying to "take" their students or hurt their programs in any way.
I just want to be another option!
I am frustrated that others haven't chosen to be professional. I feel deflated that everything positive I am trying to offer is being challenged, or suddenly topped. I am hurt that people I considered friends feel more like enemies.
I guess competition does funny things to people.
BUT... I am SO excited by the positive response I have received! I am confident in the curriculum we offer. I am so proud of my staff and what they will offer. I am eager for everyone to see the studio we have worked so hard on. I am GRATEFUL for good friends who have been encouraging, come to help, defended me, "made the move," and will eventually :). I am proud of myself for taking the high road - it has NOT been easy!!! I vow to continue on that road.
I do not regret - for one second - this decision. I do not doubt that it will be successful.
But I can only control my actions!