Sunday, August 23, 2009

off my chest...

I feel flustered. A little deflated. But SO excited!
Registration at the dance studio begins tomorrow. I am not flustered that I'm busy, or that the studio won't be ready, or that I don't think anyone will come to register.
I'm frustrated over things I can't control.
Since Jaren & I decided that this was an endeavor worth taking on, I have TRULY tried to be professional. It may seem that my coaching position at both the high school and college my be a conflict with a private studio, but I have taken EVERY precaution to make sure it doesn't. I was very open and honest with my dancers and their parents about my intentions. I don't talk about or promote the studio at either team's practice. I haven't encouraged my dancers to come to my studio, or discouraged them from taking anywhere else. I also sent a letter (which I did NOT need to do) to the other studio directors in town, letting them know of my intentions, that I was not trying to "take" their students or hurt their programs in any way.
I just want to be another option!
I am frustrated that others haven't chosen to be professional. I feel deflated that everything positive I am trying to offer is being challenged, or suddenly topped. I am hurt that people I considered friends feel more like enemies.
I guess competition does funny things to people.
BUT... I am SO excited by the positive response I have received! I am confident in the curriculum we offer. I am so proud of my staff and what they will offer. I am eager for everyone to see the studio we have worked so hard on. I am GRATEFUL for good friends who have been encouraging, come to help, defended me, "made the move," and will eventually :). I am proud of myself for taking the high road - it has NOT been easy!!! I vow to continue on that road.
I do not regret - for one second - this decision. I do not doubt that it will be successful.
But I can only control my actions!


Melissa said...

I am sorry for all of your frustration! I have no doubt that you will be a success. Cedar still has small town mentality, I think a little competition is exactly what we need! You'll be great just like you are at everything you do!

Anthony and Katlin Allen said...

HAHA! This is y I LOVE YOU! It will be a sucess, as everything you have done has been. Go Girl :)

Next on your list should be to open a BioLife in Cedar! haha

KT Bundy said...

congrats on the studio! You'll do great and it will be great!

Kristen said...

I'm so happy for you opening the studio. You are awesome McCall and the real people who know you know your intentions and what a great person you are! Some people are just freaking LAME!

Joy said...

Thank you so much for providing this long awaited opportunity for area dancers. Thank you for being a person that my daughters want to grow up to be like. I appreciate you always insisting on age appropriate costumes, music, and choreography. I know you will provide a show that won't make my 71 year old mother blush, but that is still entertaining to the youth. I'm proud of you and proud to have all five of my kids dancing with you next year. (I'm also glad Britt can drive!). Good Luck and Best Wishes. I know it will be great.


Megan Andersen said...

It's hard to keep the faith with some people I know. Cedar is just darn lucky to be exposed to your talent, ability, & drive.

Kenzie said...

It sucks when people ruin a good thing. It looks like you have chosen the high road, and you should be proud of that. Things like this always show you who your true friends are. You are a good person, and I wish you all the best with the business. I am just sad didn't open it in St. George.

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congrats on the studio! You'll do great and it will be great!


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gream said...

It's hard to keep the faith with some people I know.