Saturday, June 28, 2008

recipe for fun...

After a busy week at dance camp with Mohey, we actually had a free Saturday all together! So we packet a picnic and drove up Cedar Mountain to Duck Creek. The weather was PERFECT and we had so much fun. We fished, the kids got soaked, drove around and looked at deer (we stopped counted after seeing 30) and ate an ENTIRE box of Zingers! Oh Summer Days...

Monday, June 16, 2008

family photos

We had our family photos taken a few weeks ago by Toni Rowley, who does such a great job! Here are some of our favorites!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Design Theory Party

I'll be in St George today for a Girls Night Out at Design Theory. It's from 5-9pm at Design Theory (one of my favorite stores), where we'll have the jeans to sell.There is more info here. Hope to see you there...

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Call Me Crazy...

A few weeks ago I got a call from SUU offering me the position as The Waukeenyan Coach (SUU's Dance Team). The current coach had an opportunity in California she wanted to pursue, but didn't feel like she could leave until she found the "perfect" person to replace her... and she thought that person was me.
I got the details and thought & prayed about it, talked to Jaren, and decided to TAKE IT! But here's the kicker: I'm going to continue coaching at the High School as well. I took over that team 2 years ago and they went from placing LAST at Region to SWEEPING Region this past year! It has been SO rewarding and I LOVE the girls, so I can't walk away. The difference is the High School pays basically nothing, and the college pay is GREAT! i never took the high school position for the money, but I've realized that I love it, so I might as well get paid!!!
I knew, however, something had to give. So I decided to sell my half of the jeans business to Amanda (my partner) and give that up. It was a hard decision, but I still want to continue to do hair 1 day a week. It's a great social out for me, and I love the extra money. So I've worked out my schedule to accommodate high school and college practice (I'll start at 5:45am and finish at 8:30am) so that I won't have much time away from the boys. We already go to most of the college games, so this is just a way to get in free...right?
Whatever it is I'm really excited about my new endeavor. Wish me luck and thanks for indulging my ramblings! And if you're ever at an SUU event, cheer for the dancers!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

"Him's Hair Is Red Like Me!"

About 6 weeks ago our friends, The Hills, cat had kittens. Porter has always LOVED their cat and I told Jaren that I wanted to get one for Porter. Coop has a dog (that lives at the bird property) which Porter is kind of nervous around, so a cat was NATURALLY the next best choice! Jaren does NOT love cats. I think they are great. The come and go as they please, don't poop on the grass, don't require a lot of affection or attention, and they keep the bugs and mice down!
So we got a cat.It IS an OUTDOOR CAT! Porter named him "Crabby Patty" (yep, the boys love Sponge Bob - Jaren included).

We picked him up Monday night. On the way home Porter was holding him and said to us, in the happiest voice ever, "Him's hair is red like me!" Priceless!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Best Of State

Jaren & I spent the weekend in Salt Lake for the Best of State Gala. Circle 4, where Jaren works, won and they asked Jaren to attend and accept the award. It was a Black Tie event, so I of course wouldn't pass it up! It was held at the Salt Palace in the Grand Ballroom. There were about 1,000 people there, and it was just like the Academy Awards (you can see Jare on the left side of the screen, there were 2 HUGE screens with images of the stage).

They served dinner and had presenters & guest performances. It was fun to get dressed up. We woke up Sunday and went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast and spent a few hours at Ikea before going back to St George to get the boys from my sister. They had tons of fun playing with their cousin, Kahlil. Thanks Kat & Anthony!