Thursday, May 28, 2009


The boys latest adventure is catching bugs!
I bought Coop this "bug barn" at Big Lots and did I ever hit the Lotto!!!
Yes, Porter insists on wearing his helmet 24/7. He poked a stink bug with a toothpick and carried it around while the bug squirmed.

SERIOUSLY. Look at this bug!

Ive heard it's a Sun Spider or Camel Spider and Cooper insists it's called an Indian Ack.

I guess it's a boy thing. Way better than them being obsessed with video games?

Friday, May 22, 2009

kindergarten graduate...

Cooper made it through his first year of school! Hooray! He LOVED school and was above average on all of his testing. His teacher was Michelle Vasi, who we LOVE.
He was in the p.m. class with most of the other kids in the neighborhood.

We heard some GREAT stories from Cooper throughout the year.
Stories that I don't want to forget!

Coopers favorite things about Kindergarten were the "show and teach bucket," PE and recess. He did not like Power Hour.

He told us that at recess the girls would line up to whisper in his ear that they wanted to marry him cuz he's the hottest one in the class. WOW.
The picture above Coops head is his self portrait.
What do you think? Jay Leno or the guy from The Incredibles...

He is CERTAIN that he is the best, fastest, strongest etc. at
whatever they do in PE or at recess.

Wednesday was "crazy hair day" at school. Cooper wanted blue hair. He wanted me to take a picture with a mean face, to go with his hair. 100% his idea.
Just because I bleached his hair and then added permanent blue does not make me a bad mom, right? I was just participating :)

He said they voted in his class for who had the best hair. Everyone voted for Cooper, INCLUDING COOPER, except for 1 boy.
He voted for himself and got 2nd.

At the end of the year swimming party, he told me that when he takes his shirt off at the pool, all the girls will probably scream. SERIOUSLY.

Aside from being VERY confident, he really is a sweet boy. He gets his chores done, is usually nice to Porter, works hard with his dad at the farm, is nice to kids and adults alike, and is fun to be around. We are so proud of him and look forward to many more years of great stories!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009


The cat is out of the bag... I'm opening a dance studio this fall! Before you freak out about me have 4 jobs {all of which I happen to LOVE} believe me when I say 1. I can handle it and 2. it's not what it seems
After becoming more and more involved in the "dance world" in Cedar in the 5 years we have been here I have realized a few things: 1. there are many dancers and parents who have not found the "right" studio for them 2. there are so many incredible dancers/teachers here who are not being utilized because they don't have the opportunity - it is my intention to provide another "option" for dancers and the "opportunity" for teachers!
I plan to act as the director, overseeing the program as a whole, not teaching the classes. I do intend to teach each class once a month. This will enable me to be at the studio 1 day a week, keep things moving in the direction I intend, and boss people around which is what I truly LOVE!!!
The studio will be named "gravity dance center" and will open in August. We are working now on a website, flyers, and just getting up and running!
Wish me luck!