Saturday, June 27, 2009

gone. again.

Ben 10 is gone again! I'm pretty sure it's for good this time.
So long Ben 10...

Monday, June 8, 2009

ben 10...

2 weeks ago Jaren went to Colorado for a business trip. He left early Monday (Memorial day) and returned Friday - with a turtle! He and his boss found 3 box turtles walking along the road after it had rained. His boss had been there before and brought one home, so Jaren grabbed one and his boss took the other 2.
He got home with the turtle Friday afternoon, just as I was leaving for Vegas. The boys couldn't have been more anxious to see the turtle, name him, buy him a home...
I got a text telling me they named him Ben 10.
Saturday I was at the mall and got another text that Ben 10 was MIA. GONE.
Cooper had been at a birthday party and Jaren was getting the boat ready to take the boys fishing and left Porter outside playing with Ben 10. He let him go. THE TURTLE RAN AWAY. Porter plead the fifth. Jaren searched. The neighbors searched (seriously). Cooper cried. Wailed actually. Porter got in trouble. Still, no turtle.
THIS is where the story gets good...
We were outside after dinner tonight, opened the door to the little garage, and there was Ben 10! Just chillin' in the garage like nobody's business. Totally alive! 10 days later.
Welcome Back Ben 10!