Monday, January 4, 2010

at last...

Cooper finally lost his 1st tooth! He was starting to get anxious... I mean, he IS in first grade and will be 7 in April! 9-1-1.
We noticed a few weeks ago that he had "shark teeth" but nothing was moving, until he finally wiggled one loose, but couldn't get it out.
New Years Eve the boys were wrestling before heading to some friends house for a party, and out came the tooth!
No tears, just pure JOY!
[Jaren says this picture is creepy, but it shows the rows of teeth!]

My friend Trinity makes these cute Toothfairy Pillows, and she made Cooper's in a flash! He was SO excited he took it to the New Years party. After the party he hung it on his bed post and fell asleep - hoping the Toothfairy would deliver... and she did! $1

Porter is now convinced he has loose teeth. Coop can't wait for the next wiggle...