Monday, April 28, 2008

What Women Want Expo

We'll have our jeans at the What Women Want Expo. in St. George this weekend! We have TONS of cute stuff for Spring & Summer...stop by and say hi!
Click on the link for photos of some of our new items. We have over 200 items to sell this weekend, so you're sure to find SOMETHING you need!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Baby Birdy Daddy

Jaren left at 4:00am Wednesday morning to go get the baby pheasants. He and his "partner" (as Coop calls him) Brandon drove to Green River to pick up 3500 baby birds. They pick them up the day they hatch, load them into boxes in the back of the car, and drive them back to the farm in Milford. They are SO cute, when they are little! They are about the size of your thumb and really fluffy!

They are very temperamental when they are small and he stays with them, just like a new mommy watching her baby, and checks them every few hours - even during the night. They have large brooders (heaters) to keep the temperature a consistent 98* and you can see the waterers hanging from the ceiling that let them drink. After the first few days and nights they are less sensitive and can slowly be left alone for longer periods of time.

In a few weeks they will be let outside to grow into big pheasants that he sells to gun clubs for people to hunt! Isn't that sweet? He will sell 6000 this year, so in a few months he'll get a new bunch of birds and start all over. It's nice to have a place for Jaren to take the boys to work. That is something we have always wanted them to have. It's also nice that a hobby for Jaren also makes awesome money on the side!
If you're ever in Milford, feel free to stop for a tour!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Say Apple...

Sunday morning after Jare made pancakes and "bancon" for breakfast, the boys were wrestling on the family room floor. Cooper has mastered the "10 Fruits" game (you know, pin someone down and tap on their chest bone until they can come up with 10 fruits), so Jaren has recently moved on to Porter. He started with just 1 fruit...Apple. Porter knows how the game works, but he is seriously SO STUBBORN that he WILL NOT say it. Jaren tried for at least 3 minutes, which is a long time when you think about it, and could NOT get him to say it. I came in after 2 minutes to work the mommy magic, but that didn't work either. Finally we were laughing so hard, we just let him get up.
I'm sure to someone on the outside looking in we looked like freaks. Cooper, Jaren & I all hovered over Porter BEGGING him to say Apple. He still wouldn't say it after we let him up!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Future Missionary

When I picked Cooper up from preschool, my friend Amanda walked out with her little girl as I walked in. She was laughing and asked me who was coming over at 5? I told her no one... as far as I knew.
Apparently Cooper told his preschool teacher, class, and the moms when they came to get their preschoolers, that he was really busy with an important meeting at 5:00 - it was a meeting to teach people about Jesus. According to Cooper, some people don't know about Jesus and HE needs to teach them.
I wasn't sure if I should address the great desire he has to do missionary work... or the lie.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Coop's Ninja Party

Cooper turned five this week - we can hardly believe it! He wanted to have a "Ninja" party, not Ninja Turtles, just Ninjas. We had lots of fun, the invitations to the BOYS ONLY party had a "secret code" the kids had to de-code, we played lots of Ninja-ish games (Simon says became Sensei says) ate pizza and cupcakes, opened presents and finished with a sword fight! What more could little boys ask for!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Weekend Getaway

We had an action packed few days this weekend! Here are some of the highlights:

Cooper has been wrestling with the "Canyon View Jr Wrestling" program and has actually done really well! We took him to Nephi on Friday and Saturday for the State Wrestling Tournament and he placed 3rd! His record for the year is 10 wins and 3 losses! He doesn't really care what place he gets, as long as they give him a medal...

So after we finished with wrestling, we headed to Park City with our friends, the Hills, for the rest of the weekend. We had a great time, we shopped, ate, swam, watched some conference, and shopped some more!
Check out this picture of Porter in the glasses he HAD to have (i bought them and they're already lost!)...
And as you can see, Coop was BEAT!
Fortunately he had his new military outfit on.
We had a great time and are really proud of Coop!