Friday, May 30, 2008


It's unusual for us not to have plans on the weekend. We're either out of town, or busy with birds, jeans, t-ball or friends... but Memorial Day weekend was an exception. Since we left the boys while we went to Cabo, we decided THEY could choose what to do! Cooper chose bowling!

We had tons of fun bowling, then tried to go to "Kung Fu Panda", but Cooper informed us that it doesn't come out until June 6th. We ended up at Chilis for dinner and put the worn-out bowlers to bed early!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Satuday was going home day... We didn't leave intil 3, but change was in the air! Camille and I went to the Pacifica pool one last time while the goys checked us out. We stopped at a SWEET Mexican mall, bought some seashells for Cooper, and headed to the airport. We found an Applebees on the way and stopped for food. It was one of the best meals we had while in Cabo!
We made it home safely, anxious to see the boys! We had a great time in Cabo! Had tons of fun, relaxed, laughed and made memories we won't forget... and gained so much weighed that our clothes we wore coming just didn't fit the same going - oh well. Thanks Schanks!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So Friday was our last FULL DAY in Cabo! We spent the day doing what we came to do... relaxing by the pool! we spent most of the day at the "Sky Pool" eating more nachos and drinking yet, more pina coladas!

We walked around the resort, bought some last minute items (Mexican Vanilla) and tried to take it all in...

Monday, May 26, 2008


Thursday was fishing day.We got up early and drove to the marina (again) for a fishing trip that Jaren and Brandon had booked about a month before our trip. We had all taken anti-nausea medicine, so we were DROWSY! They sent the 4 of us out on a nice boat with 2 helpers (Mexican fisherman) and some live bait. We each caught a Jack Caravelle and then would fall asleep until the next person caught one!
The highlight of the day was Jaren catching a HUGE Marlin. It was over 8 feet long and I cant remember how much it weighed, but they said it would have won if we were in a tournament. It took him over an hour and a half to reel it in, and boy was he proud!

After the big catch, we all fell asleep again, and next thing we knew we were back at the dock! We relaxed the rest of the day, knowing tomorrow would be our last FULL DAY in Cabo!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Wednesday morning we drove back to the marina for a kayaking excursion! We rented kayaks and rode to "lovers beach" which is right next to the famous arches. The ride over wasn't too bad, it took us a little time to figure the whole paddle thing out, but we got there pretty quickly and with smiles on. The island was pretty and there were some guys "skimming" on the opposite side of the island, which was fun to watch, and then we got ready to go back. As we loaded the kayak we made a small loop and noticed a large group of sea lions on a rock! It was an awesome site!
Did I mention that Lovers Beach is near Divorce Beach (seriously)? Well, on the way back my temper set in. I kept hitting my hands on the side of the kayak and it hurt! I started yelling at Jaren, telling him it was because he had the better oar. He said we could trade but that his was for men and mine was for women and it wouldn't be easier, but of course I wanted to switch... until we switched and it wasn't any better, so I made him switch back. It went like that for the mile back to the marina... me yelling and swearing at everyone and everything, and Jaren laughing. Dosen't that sound like fun? After we got back and checked the kayaks in we walked a little way up the beach and saw ... a jellyfish!
We relaxed the rest of the afternoon, and that evening Jaren and I went downtown to watch the Jazz/Laker game! We started in a restaurant right on the beach, but they closed at halftime, so we bar hopped until we found a place that would stay open until the game was over! Needless to say, we were the ONLY ones cheering for the Jazz and drinking Diet Coke and Sprite!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Tuesday was Camilles 28th Birthday, so Camille planned the day... and did we ever CELEBRATE!
The day began early with a trip to the marina to go Parasailing! Jaren & I went first (we got to ride double) and Camille flew solo after us. It was great flying 500 feet above the ocean on a Jose Cuervo parachute!
We stopped at Costco (again) for steaks and a Costco cake for Camille, which is her FAVORITE dessert in the world! We made it back just in time for water aerobics with an instructor named Miguel - that was definitely one of the highlights of the trip...seriously! We then had more nachos and pina coladas by the pool before going to the spa for the BEST spa treatment I've EVER had. Really.
We went back and took a nap and woke up to a barbeque made by the guys! The only thing that would have made it better would have been to watch American Idol that night! Other than that it was a GREAT DAY!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Monday morning Camille and I got dropped of at the marina to do some "Mexican Shopping." We each got a few things, nothing THAT amazing, but had fun!
While in Cabo I started, and almost finished, the Twilight series. I'm sure I'm the last person on the planet to do so, but I got the books for my birthday and held on to them to read on Vacation... which was perfect! They definitely lived up to the hype. (Jaren even read them while we were there)
We spent the afternoon reading and relaxing by the pool.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


OK, I haven't done very well with the day-by-day posting!
Sunday: We woke up and went to church. We chose a Spanish ward to go to so we would get the "real experience." The chapel was small and was filled with folding chairs - no pews. We we welcomed by EVERYONE who came to church that day, and there were all kinds! It was fast Sunday which meant testimony meeting, and I could not believe how eager they all were to share their testimonies. Although we don't speak Spanish (shocker!), we could understand enough, and Brandon could translate what they were saying and you could certainly feel the Spirit. The thing that stood out the most about their testimonies was that no one told stories of their kids, or soccer teams, or family vacations - they were all testimonies of Jesus Christ. The closing song was "I Believe In Christ" which we sung in Spanish (again, shocker!) and there was not a dry eye in the chapel. It's been a long time since I've felt the Spirit so strong... it was incredible!

Since it was Mothers Day we had reservations for a Champagne Brunch after church. I had a hard time with the food while we were in Cabo - everything made me nervous. It was very nice, but I think I'm not a buffet in Mexico kind of gal! This iguana was happy to eat what we didn't...
After church we went back to a different resort, but on the same property. It's called the Pacifica, and if you've watched The Bachelor this season, it was a destination date! It is a holistic resort, so it is very quiet, no kids allowed, and so peaceful. We stayed there a few hours and enjoyed our Pina Colada's by the pool.

We decided to take a nice Sunday drive to Todos Santos, a small "historical" town about 40 miles away. It was mentioned in all the books as a beautiful place to visit and shop. It was the ugliest drive that lasted FOREVER - and when we got there, the town was closed!!! We were all kind of grumpy on the LONG drive back. Luckily we had a GALLON of cheddar cheese waiting for us!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Cabo Report:

We're back! We had the BEST time in Cabo! I'm going to do a day-by-day of our vacation (mostly so I don't have a ginormous post). But first... a HUGE thanks to Daisy and fam, as well as Nanny & Papa for watching the boys! We owe you BIG TIME!!!
Saturday: We arrived in Cabo on Saturday afternoon. Brandon & Camille met us at the airport and we drove to the resort...

...which was an INCREDIBLE 2 story, 3 bedroom, 4 bath villa with a private pool & jacuzzi. We took the downstairs and the Schanks took the upstairs. Jaren & I each had our own HUGE bathroom, which was great (he leaves the bathroom super swampy)! Aside from being gorgeous, it was so convenient to have a full kitchen - but can I tell you, we are so SICK of quesadillas, costco cake, granola and chips & cheese.
We spent most of the day looking around, we stopped at Costco for water and snacks, and made plans for the rest of the week! Here's Jare on our favorite chairs at the resort.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Countdown to Cabo

It's finally close enough I think I can start the
Coundown to Cabo!
We leave this coming Saturday really early and will stay in Cabo (this is a photo of where we are staying) until the following Saturday - we are so excited! We are traveling with our good friends Brandon & Camille Schank and NO KIDS. We have some fun things planned like relaxing, para sailing (for Camilles birthday on Tuesday), deep sea fishing (thats what the guys want to do) and whatever else we want! We're open for suggestions if anyone has a "must do while in Cabo," so leave a post and let me know!