Saturday, November 28, 2009

porter is four...

Porter turned four today! some things we don't want to forget about our "dodo" are:

he started preschool and LOVES it - and Mrs. Danielle!
he stopped sucking his thumb about 3 months ago when he knocked his teeth and they were wiggly. he came downstairs the first night and told us he couldn't "belax" because he couldn't suck his thumb.
his best friends are talon, ammon, grey & maddie
he likes to play the "boyfriend/girlfriend" game with maddie. (we checked it out - it's safe)
he LOVES Coop
he is still quite shy, but SUPER funny

We love you Porter! Happy Birthday!


Kelly said...

I think I have been in love with him since he was born! I cant believe he is 4!! Happy Birthday big boy!!

Amanda said...

He looks the same even as a baby, just a tiny version :)

Megan Andersen said...

His red hair is the cutest thing I've ever seen! What a darling baby he was, & now what a darling big boy he is!! Happy Birthday Porter (will you please take my daughter out one day).

Ty and Janene said...

Talon won't stop talking about his party! I could steal that little guy!

Trinity said...

way cute kid, love the thumb, I bet your glad it ended.

Megan Andersen said...

Well hello again! Hey, I am addressing Christmas cards, & would love to send one to you guys. Will you email me your address when you get a sec?.
Thanks Chica!
Hey, way to kick butt at competition!! You girls Rock!!!

Melissa Hirschi said...

Hey! I got my comforter from Anthropologie. I love it and it washes up really well. Target sells a copy cat version that's really cute and a lot cheaper.

Hope you had a good Christmas!

Melissa Hirschi said...

And I love the photo of Porter in the mud. Too funny. Don't think I've ever seen a bigger mess!

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